• Rúben Silva

Giro d'Italia Stage 11 Preview

Arnaud Dèmare surprised to take the win in a crash-marred finale. After ashort stage with virtually no uphill whatsoever, it was a calm ride until the final kilometers, and a crash almost inside the final kilometer took down the likes of Ackermann, Moschetti and Mareczko. In the middle of the chaos several of the sprinters were still in front, and in a long sprint Dèmare was faster than Viviani with Rudger Selig in third.

Positive: Dèmare is yet another sprinter who managed to take a win in the sprints, not only that as he managed to shorten his gap to Ackermann in the Maglia Ciclamino massively and is now only 1 point away.

Negative: Other than those who crashed obviously, Ewan blew up in the sprint evidently, and Viviani once again found himself in the fight but as yet to take an official win.

Into the north of Italy in Piemonte, stage 11 will take the riders to Novi Ligure and as the previous day there won't be any type of dificulty in the profile. Again, depending on the conditions of the day it could be a day blasted by crosswinds but that would take very specific conditions. Besides, the stage is much longer which should give more opportunities for that happening, if not it will be a fairly easy day for the peloton before moving to the mountains.

The Weather

Another dry warm day, basically today's profile but a bit longer. There will be a bit of wind in the final part of the stage coming from the south which will mean a headwind, but in such stage a breakaway won't come as a threat in any scenario pretty much.

The Favourites

There are those who crashed today and those who didn't.

Another pan-flat stage will mean yet another bunch sprint on our way, and at this point the big 4 are pretty much very balanced. Ackermann has been the strongest but he crashed today, we don't know until what point he is having the same legs for tomorrow. Dèmare and Viviani have been the most consistent, Ewan not so much but when he shows up he's strong. But timing has been something he hasn't perfected yet so it's a weak spot through which he can be attacked.

Mareczko, Consonni and Moschetti (at the point I'm writing there's no confirmation he will start tomorrow) came down in the crash, all good sprinters able to be in contention but the effects of the crash may harm their chances.

Nizzolo, Cimolai and Belletti have been there around the Top5 already lots of times, it is expected that they finish in there again tomorrow.

The stage is pretty much a replica of today, so the same names are to be in front, no more, no less.

Prediction Time

Ewan, Viviani, Dèmare


Cimolai, Nizzolo, Belletti, Mareczko

Between Ewan, Viviani and Dèmare it's a game of luck and on-the-spot tactics, I can't pick a stronger rider out of them at this point. Ackermann crashed but he's the ones that's seemed a little stronger than the others until now. If the effects of the crash can hinder him yes, but I can't pick the others over each other, so I'm going with the German.

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