• Rúben Silva

Gree - Tour of Guangxi Stage 1 Preview

The Route

The race opener is a circuit finish in Beihai, a short stage only 136 kilometers in lenght with a small bump there in each lap, but it should be no threat to the fast men and we should see the first leader of the race emerge from a sprint.

Very easy finish if it can be called so, there are no technical sections to note, and a sole 90-degree turn in the entrance of the final kilometer so stretch things out.

The Weather

Not much to note, the temperatures will be nice and the wind will be a slight breeze, a headwind in the final meters but shouldn't make the difference.

The Favourites

It's a pure sprint, there is not much to talk about, pure flat stage, there are no street images but I imagine there are quite a wide combination of roads, but a finish with barely any technical challenge, so it's almost pure power what will matter tomorrow. Pascal Ackermann is the big man, the fastest in the peloton for sure and he's got the Germans behind him, Selig for a start which would surely already be enough, but Schwarzmann and Archbold also as premier leadout men in the finish. I don't give him the win on the spot already because some other teams have solid competition and UAE also have a full leadout behind Gaviria, if he's racing at this point of the season it's surely because he's feeling good, he's got Molano as someone getting him into the final meters but too Roberto Ferrari, Ivo Oliveira, a nice combination of power and experience which is vital for any sprinter.

Behind them we should see the likes of Phil Bauhaus, he'll be following wheels but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as a powerhouse he should enjoy this finish and the same should be said of Jakub Mareczko, CCC is a team coming fully focused in the sprints and flat stages, support will be no lack, powerhouses aplenty so I believe in him and his ability to take a win if he finds himself in front.

There's Matteo Trentin, with Alex Edmonson behind him I believe in his chances but I think his focus, and better opportunities will come in the less flat stages. For the matter of bonifications I think he will take risks to be up there. There's Matteo Moschetti and John Degenkolb combining for a possible surprise, then some outsiders like Halvorsen, Timothy Dupont, Dan McLay and Moreno Hofland, Davide Ballerini and Nikias Arndt for possibilities into a Top5, but as a Top10 filling for sure.

Prediction Time


Gaviria, Mareczko, Bauhaus, Mareczko

Halvorsen, Moschetti, Dupont, Ballerini, Arndt, Molano

The big gun! Bora have been flying this season, he's the clear candidate and he's got his men with him so I'd say he has a clear run for his 12th win of the season.

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