• Rúben Silva

Gree - Tour of Guangxi Stage 2 Preview

It ended up being a neck to neck decision between the two big guns. With Trentin rounding up the podium, Gaviria won in a long-out sprint against Ackermann where only after the finish was the win confirmed for the Colombian who is the first rider taking the lead.

Positive: Gaviria proved me wrong, he did have the fastest legs today. I imagined he'd be very good by still be in action and bringing a full leadout, but I imagined Ackermann would be above all others. I was wrong, not far from the truth, but the exciting sprint battle should be repeated tomorrow. Max Kanter a delightful surprise in the Top10. Trentin gaining some time for a likely GC bid.

Negative: Halvorsen the only real name to miss the sprint.

The Route

The second stage shouldn't be any different, this one pan-flat there's no dificulties to set gaps except the slight possibilities of crosswinds, although it's unlikely as almost half the stage will be raced in a criterium-like finish in Qinzhou.

This finish is similar to yesterday, flat and very straightforward but the final turn takes place over the 2Km to go sign.

The Weather

Hot weather and a moderate breeze from the north, should mean a relaxed and controlled stage unlike today.

The Favourites

I mean, just read yesterday's preview really :)

The finish is exactly alike, and only today's stage results could come as further indication, but really there was very little difference in the predicted in relation the the outcome. Some names in, some names out. I'd say there's a 50/50 between the two big guns again tomorrow, and although both have their premier leadouts the finish is far from any technical, so what matters really is to be well positioned which they can do easily with a stage this easy and such a big number of supporters.

I think that's it, for the win there'll be no-one more, but Matteo Trentin will remain there in the top spots getting some seconds under the table, and Phil Bauhaus is likely the rider that should more quickly challenge them.

Then there's Mareczko, I was expecting more of him today but perhaps he can deliver a top place tomorrow, there's Matteo Moschetti who delivered but perhaps is still lacking the top power to be there, I'll give Halvorsen the benefit of the doubt but at his level I would only consider the minor placings and perhaps Chris Lawless will be INEOS' choice, with Kanter and Martinelly nice surprises today I would expect them to be there again tomorrow, but there's a lot more confidence in riders like Minali and Ballerini.

Prediction Time

Ackermann, Gaviria


Mareczko, Trentin, Moschetti

Wasn't today, will be tomorrow.

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