• Rúben Silva

Interested in the Tour Zweeler contest?

This post comes as a collaboration with Zweeler, it is something that can help the blog and at the same time get more people into what is a very interesting game where you can use your cycling knowledge and I hope I can be a great help!


Did you ever wonder how it is to play a Fantasy Sports Game at Zweeler? Then you should try the FREE Fantasy Tour de France!

Everybody with a Zweeler account is allowed to create 1 FREE team for the free Fantasy Tour de France. With the FREE game you can also win a part of the 100 euro bonus, which you can use to play the paid games at Zweeler. This game is exactly the same as the Fantasy Tour de France with a prize pool of 31,000 Euro (1st prize 3,000 euro) and a fee of 10 euro per team.

Click here to go directly to the Fantasy Tour de France with a prize pool of 31,000 Euro! (1st prize 3,000 euro)

Click here to go directly to the FREE Fantasy Tour de France!

Why play Fantasy Tour de France 2019? • Your engagement with cycling will further increase. It is not about one rider, but 20 or more riders need to perform for you! • For only 10 euro you will get many extra hours of entertainment before the start of the race and even more hours of entertainment during the full Giro d’Italia. • If you manage to beat the other players (there are 451 prizes in General Classification), you can also win nice cash prizes (1st prize 3,000 euro)! • Zweeler offers many different types of games for the Tour de France, and also for every stage. Just register and have a look!

If you like sports, you will love Zweeler!

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