• Rúben Silva

Welcome to Echelons!

The first-post experience is always a frightening one no matter what it's about. The words that will set your work to the future, so I will let you know what will be shown on this site and what you'll get to see in here.

I think I should briefly introduce myself nonetheless, my name is Rúben Silva and I'm from Portugal. I'm only 19, but I have a fair share of cycling-related writing, having had a previous blog and having a short passing through another site where I mainly wrote previews, somewhat similar to what I will be doing here.

So why would you come here? What I will do is to write previews daily for World Tour racing, aswell as previewing some more racing where we know there will be a spectacle. AND alongside that, I will after all the races I preview make a review in the end about it. I will dig deep into the rider's tactics, their form and rely on other sources (interviews, Strava, etc) to study the rider's performances, which is something I already naturally do and will let everyone know my viewpoint on.

What's in it for you then? Well I know by experience that a lot of people enjoy reading about cycling, there's just something about our sport that makes us constantly want to know more about it, which is the beautiful nature of it. I've always had lots of interest in reading previews so I know what you want and I know how to deliver it. It can go from the pure enjoyment of anticipation of a race, the understanding of what is going on in them, to even prosper in the betting world, there are lots of reasons why it can be useful.

My mission is that everytime you come in Echelons you'll have a great read and a clear view of the complexity that is professional racing, but you will be the one to decide if I'm doing a good job.

I'll have daily polls about the current subjects, will be active on Twitter (with the purpose of expanding in the future) and I thoroughly encourage you to contact me as everyone can have a say in what my work will look like in the future and it's a very easy thing to do.

Cycling isn't a one-way road and I target to explore every path of it in the future.